How To Manifest A Text Message In Less Than 5 Minutes

Is your desire to manifest a text message from a special person, an ex-partner, a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while or a potential business opportunity? I was in a similar situation whereby I wanted to receive a text message from a friend that I hadn’t spoken to for a while.

The reason I wanted to manifest the message was I felt embarrassed because some time had passed from our last conversation. I really wanted to re-connect, but I wanted to make sure this person also felt the same. The result was I put in place these three steps, and I received a text message from that very person.

I was surprised that it worked so quickly, and I believe if you try these methods, you can receive a text message, and all it takes is five minutes. Nevertheless, I want to say it was a few days before my text message I wanted to manifest appeared, but I managed to re-connect with a friend, and the friendship has grown from strength to strength.  

1. Pick Up Their Vibrational Frequency 

Before you can receive your text message, you must match the person’s vibrational frequency. Let me explain, imagine you want to listen to a particular radio station. You must tune your radio onto that exact frequency to hear the music transmitting on that radio station. Your mind operates in the same way.

You want to pick up on that person’s frequency, so they get the image of you. Hopefully, they will have the urge to send a text message. 

These three tips will help you build that vibrational frequency, and hopefully, you will the text message will appear. The key principle is to become in harmony with that person and only think about all the positives you will gain from that potential re-connection. 

2. Look At A Picture Of That Person

For your subconscious mind to understand and acknowledge precisely the person you want to connect with, you must show it an image. Get a picture of that person either from your mobile phone, social media or a physical photograph.

You want to connect as much emotion to the image as this will impress onto your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind accepts the importance of this person, your vibrational frequency begins to increase. You want to think about the last time you saw that individual and think about all the reasons why you want to see them again.

The more emotion and belief you can impress onto your subconscious mind, the faster you will match with that person’s frequency, and your message will appear. To strengthen your connection, find pictures that have both of you together. The subconscious mind is tricked into thinking it’s really happening and you move closer to that person. 

3. Write Out Your Response Text Message But Don’t Send It

Once you have completed step one, the next thing to do is type out your response text message. At this point, you haven’t received a text yet so you’re showing the universe and your subconscious mind you believe the message is coming.

Script what you would like to know about them, find out about all the things you have missed over your absence and ways to re-connect. You don’t want to send the text message you want the universe to do the work and manifest the message. If your text message is from a potential business opportunity or a client,

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How To Manifest A Text Message In Less Than 5 Minutes
edit the response to demonstrate what value you can provide that individual.

You always want to give and never expect to receive anything in return. If you grow into this mindset, you will accomplish great things because the universe rewards the types of people that show gratitude and put others first.

If you become the type of individual that expresses appreciation, you will experience abundance in every area of your life. Moreover, if your text message is from an ex-partner don’t dwell on the past only concentrate on the future.

If you bring up past events, it will lower your vibrational frequency which creates negativity in your mindset. You will push away that person instead of attracting them, and you might be in a worse position than you started. The universe operates best when two people are in harmony, not pulling apart. 

How To Manifest A Text Message In Less Than 5 Minutes

4. Visualise The Message Being Received For 5 minutes 

The final action in the process is to utilise your imagination and begin to visualise your text message arriving in your inbox. The ability to use visualisation is powerful when it comes to manifestation. The reason, your subconscious mind doesn’t recognise the difference between reality and fantasy.

Therefore, when you envision the outcome, it believes its actually happening in the present moment. You then move your vibrational frequency into alignment with your desire, resulting in your text message being attracted. 

To strengthen your visualisation experience and help you hold the image for the five minutes, the photographer of the person you want to receive the message from assist you during this stage. The deeper you study the picture and experience the emotion, the easier you will find the visualisation stage.

Numerous people fail with visualisation because they struggle to keep the image in their mind for longer than a few minutes. Visualisation is an exercise within its self and to discover how to become a better visualiser check out this blog

Once your 5 minutes session is complete, it’s crucial you now forget about the text message arriving. Allow and have faith the universe will do its work and focus your mind on something else.

At this stage, you have done the job, and if you believe in the laws of the universe and the law of attraction, then you don’t have to doubt the message will be received. If you dwell on each minute, the message hasn’t appeared you start to lower your vibrational frequency. Unfortunately, you will push the attraction in the opposite direction, and the message will never appear.  

5. Be Positive That The Text Will Arrive

One of the fastest ways to block the manifestation of your text message being received is your self-doubts and belief. The law of attraction works best when your mindset and belief system are in harmony.

The more you believe the message will appear, the higher probability you will get the outcome you desire. A positive mindset is the quickest way to raise your vibrational frequency, and this encourages manifesting to happen.

Think about it like a magnet that has alined with a metal object. Whist that magnet is in aliment it will draw the object towards it. A negative attitude decreases your frequency and repeals your desire to receive a text message, and the attraction stops.

Therefore, only think about all the positive of receiving the text message and if negative thoughts or self-doubts appears in your mind instantly replace it with a positive thought. The more you repeat this method, the faster the text message will arrive.  

6. They Must Have Your Phone Number

It’s critical for you to receive the text message from the person in question they must have your mobile phone number. The universe can make magical and unimaginable things appear, but for someone to guess your phone number is impossible.

Therefore, if you haven’t exchanged number with this person then ask the universe for help attracting a meeting or encounter with that person. 

Again apply all the steps as before but tailor them to fit your desires. Have the faith and belief you will see that person again and take the opportunity to speak with them, even exchange numbers.

The universe will bring you both together, but when the encounter occurs, you need to take action. Manifestation requires action for the things you desire to finally arrive. 

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My best advice is to forget the time frame of when your text message appears and simply have the faith it will happen once the universe has done its work.If you rush the universe, then you create doubts in your mind and your vibrational frequency decreases.

Individuals that remain in a positive mindset always receive what they ask and more. Please take notice of those people because they are doing something correctly. It’s like baking a cake; they follow the recipe to the exact method, and they repeatedly see the results. 

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