How To Reach Your Subconscious Mind While Awake?

How To Reach Your Subconscious Mind While Awake?

Your subconscious mind is an extremely powerful and important system which can bring your unimaginable success, happiness and abundance. The benefits that it can bring you outweighs anything in the universe but you must learn how to reach its power when you’re awake. Once you understand the process of unlocking the potential of your subconscious mind during your waking hours, everything could change.

In the article, I will share tips and methods which have helped me reach my subconscious mind quickly during the day. The techniques provided are manageable and easy to place in your daily routines, but it does take some persistence and repetition for the advantages to be produced. Nevertheless, if your willing and determined to improve every area of your life and perhaps increase your current outcomes, this information is for you.    

1. Practice Meditation Using Theta Brain Waves From Binaural Beats

The first and most important method for accessing your subconscious mind is through meditation. Meditation allows you to quiet the mind, which can be overwhelmed with thousands of thoughts, ideas and emotions every day. If you don’t find at least 10 minutes during the day to stop and quiet your mind, it’s incredibly difficult to access your subconscious. 

The reason, for your subconscious mind to understand and acknowledge your desires, you must give it time to use its focus on that target. If you have thousands of thoughts racing into your mind constantly, it’s overwhelming for your subconscious mind. It spends its time trying to catch and make sense of all them different ideas and thoughts. Which leaves it no time to concentrate on your primary goals, hopes and desires.

When you intentionally take 10 minutes to slow down your mind and give it the much-needed rest, your subconscious mind beings to open and you can place your desires inside of it. Once your subconscious mind is influenced with your desire, it can begin utilising its phenomenal abilities to present you with the answers and solutions to your questions. To understand more about the subconscious mind and how it works, I encourage you to read this article.  

Theta Brain Wave

To maximise your meditation practice and open your subconscious mind, you can use theta binaural beats. It’s important you apply a theta brain wave which oscillates at between 2Hz and 4Hz. The slow oscillation of these beats have a fantastic effect on your brain, and it can slow your mind down quickly. Without a theta binaural beat, you obligated to take the time to slow your mind to that frequency, which can eat into your meditation session.

There is more to theta brain waves then quieting down your mind. It also transports you into a deep trance state of being. When you’re in this trance state your abilities to control your subconscious mind are incredible. When you reach this state of mind, you can impress anything you like into your subconscious. It’s like standing in a long line waiting to see your idol and the people in front disappear, which leaves you full access to ask any questions you want. 

The longer you stay in the trance state, the more control you have over your subconscious mind. Moreover, your subconscious mind begins to provide you answers in the form of pictures or images. Don’t dwell too long on these pictures because you will become distracted and lose your focus. Acknowledge and thank your subconscious each time a new image appears but then return to meditation. I honestly think meditation using theta binaural beats has transformed my mindset.

I have included a Youtube video which I use, and I think it’s a great place to start. Ten minutes is all you need in the beginning and don’t forget it’s a meditation practice, suggesting you need to repeat it daily to see the benefits.

2. Write Auto-suggestion To Impress Your Desires Into The Mind

Auto-suggestion or self-suggestion is the method of placing your desires, goals and dreams directly into your subconscious mind. The wrong kind of suggestion influences many people thoughts TV, people in the workplace, friends and family all have a serious impact. If you don’t control the flow of information going into your subconscious mind, it can harm your results. Most external suggestion are negative and can destroy your motivation and success. 

All this outside stimulation from others begin directed into your mindset towards something you don’t want or recognise. No one chooses to be negative, but it’s an outcome of the information which is fed into your subconscious. To take back control of your life, you must stop negativity entering your subconscious mind. The solution is your conscious mind. 

Imagine your conscious mind like a security guard standing outside the best night club in the world (your subconscious mind). Your conscious has the ability to accept or reject things from entering into your mind. Your the only person that can let things come when you’re aware of them. When you are unaware, it’s similar to the security guard being distracted, and everyone sneaks in before being checked. If someone is talking to you about something negative, acknowledge the negativity but reject it from entering your mind. 

How to use auto-suggestion

Now you understand the significance of rejecting damaging and harmful information. It’s time to fix positivity and desire into your subconscious consciously. Auto-suggestion is the method of writing down your desires, goals or ambitions and placing them in the area where you will see them throughout your day. Think of them as triggers to your conscious mind which then accepts them and impresses them into your subconscious.

The more you accept these auto-suggestions, the more influential they have on your subconscious mind. The function of your subconscious mind is to increase your vibrational frequency in order to equal the energy of the thing you desire. It’s called the law of attraction. Once your mind and body are vibrating at the new higher energy, your attraction begins, and your desires are achieved. Watch my video free on YouTube explaining auto-suggestion and how to use it. 

3. Use The Mirror Technique To Talk Direct To The Subconscious

It might seem a strange standing in front of a mirror talking to yourself, but it certainly works, and it’s a great way to access your subconscious mind. The techniques was made famous by Claude Bristol from his book the magic of believing. The process is incredibly simple to perform, and the benefits are astounding. The critical element in the mirror techniques is you repeat it every morning and night for at least seven days, or you won’t see any transformation in your subconscious mind. 

The Mirror Technique Steps

  1. Choose a mirror where you can see your whole body or from the waist up.
  2. Stand with you back straight, feet together like your a soldier in the army waiting for a parade.
  3. Look deep into your eyes, it’s the door to your subconscious mind.
  4. Take 4 deep breaths in and out, drawing power and strength into your body.
  5. Say out loud your goals or desire so you can hear your voice, and you can see your lips moving. (This is critical).
  6. Hold this position and say your goal or desire repeatedly for 5 minutes.
  7. Practices every morning and at night for 7 days to see incredible results.

Furthermore, watch my video below that explains and shows you the full process required to make the mirror techniques work for you on YouTube.   

4. Practice Visualisation for 10 minutes

Visualisation is successfully applied by athletes, movie stars, performers, to name a few, and they recognise the importance of visualising each part of their activity to enhance and increase success. A short 10-minute session is enough to reprogram your subconscious mind and impress your ideas and goals onto it. That way, your mind believes you have achieved your goal.

The best technique for reprogramming your subconscious mind is by utilising visualisation. The reason, your subconscious mind doesn’t recognise what’s real and what’s imagined. Therefore, you can trick your mind into thinking your vision is really happening—that way, you’re reprogramming your subconscious mind without having to complete the task or achieve the goal.

The longer you can hold the image in your mind and play out the scene like a movie, the deeper it’s impressed into your mind. If you can act like it’s already been achieved and formulate feeling and the emotions you would have when it actually arrives, it fools your mind. Once your mind believes it happened, you attract ideas, thoughts and opportunities to make it a reality.

5. Listen To Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are affirmations directly associated with your goals, habits, and desires that play at a subliminal level. Here your conscious mind is oblivious to the subliminals playing, but your subconscious mind is opened and listening to every word. Suggesting those affirmations reprogram your subconscious mind without your conscious mind building obstacles or limitations to those statements. 

You can listen to subliminal when you are awake or asleep because those affirmations are heard by your subconscious mind only and don’t distract your consciousness. You can continue with your work, read and book, study or exercise, and all the time, your subliminal affirmations are reprogramming your subconscious mind. For best results, listen to your subliminal affirmations three times daily for a minimum of 30 minutes. 

6. Create A Vision Board 

A vision board is excellent for developing your subconscious mind to acknowledge your goals because you can view it multiple times daily. Each time you notice your vision board, you impress the images onto your subconscious mind. The more the images are imprinted into your mind, your focus is drawn towards producing those images in reality. 

The reason, your subconscious mind predominately thinks in image format and not in words. So suggesting, the association from your mind to your desire is more powerful with images and photos. Therefore, whatever you want to imprint onto your subconscious mind, design a vision board and fix it there. 

To further intensify your possibility of success with a vision board, design a digital vision board. Then install the digital vision board on all your digital devices: mobile phones, laptop, tablets, PCs and TV screens. 

The more you can observe those desires in image format, the quicker the reprogramming process begins. Vision boards have been popular for many people for years because they work exceptionally well. And once your subconscious mind has been reprogrammed, don’t delete it from your boards because it will award you the motivation and energy to manifest everything else.

7. Listen To Calming Relaxing Music Without Lyrics

Sounds of nature calm the subconscious mind and provide you with the same benefits as meditation. However, meditation is a skill that needs to be mastered, and you may feel overwhelmed by the process. Using music to settle the mind is a superb alternative to meditation. You can use any style of music to calm your mind, and you can find thousands of playlists online. 

Music without lyrics helps settle and relax the subconscious mind because it stops it from thinking and reacting. Certain words shape some emotions, and they can impact your subconscious mind. Classical music, such as baroque, vibrates in a frequency that decreases your mind activity and relaxes you. Find music that creates balance and harmony within your subconscious mind, and enjoy the time to think and ponder.

8. Remain In A Positive Mindset Throughout The Day

Hopefully, you appreciate the concept that being positive is the best way to increase your vibrational frequency and reprogram your subconscious mindPositivity boosts your energy, and when you have high amounts of energy, you attract greatness into your life through the law of attraction. Conversely, your energy is low without a positive mindset, and you attract harmful and damaging thoughts. 

 Negative causes fear, worry and doubt, which leads to stress and anxiety in the subconscious mind. Little motivation, decreased energy, and no focus is the choice you make if you concentrate your subconscious mind on negativity. Switch your mindset on only positivity and gratitude, and your world will transform instantly. Find ways to return to a positive mindset once you consciously recognise negativity has appeared. It takes time and effort, but the benefits are astonishing.

9. Have An Exact Goal To Focus Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind can achieve anything you desire and believe you can accomplish. Take the time to acknowledge what your genuine desire and make the decision to strive towards it every day without failure. Never give up on your passion because once the fire is extinguished, it’s extremely difficult to re-light. 

Challenges, failure and obstacles will be faced but it’s the universe making sure your willing and worthy of receiving the results. Write down your primary goal or desire and visualise achieving it every day. The more you practice the techniques, the deeper it’s impressed into your subconscious mind. 

Once your subconscious mind believes you have the goal already achieved, it moves your mind and body into a higher vibrational frequency. It’s now that you begin to attract opportunities, people and items to physically accomplish the goal. The universe operates under specific laws, and you must understand these laws before you can reach your desire.  

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