Does The Law Of Attraction Work?

Does The Law Of Attraction Work? All You Need To Know

The law of attraction implies that you can attract anything you want into your life but does it really work? The movie and book “The secret” made the law of attraction popular with its numerous stroys of people achieving success mainly through the power of thought. The book doesn’t adequately teach you how to attract but merely suggest its possible. 

The law of attraction is always working and is never turns off, similar to any law in the universe. When it’s working, you will notice that ideas, thoughts, and opportunities will be attracted to make your desires a reality. The law of attraction demands you embrace a positive mindset and hold the faith and belief your manifestations will appear.

The law of attraction is the focused energy towards a passionate desire, combined with the expectation of its arrival. The law requires you to raise your vibration frequency in order to attract your desires. Once you match your desire, the attraction process begins. However, the law of attraction isn’t turned on or off its always moving, but you might be attracting the wrong things.

The primary source for attraction to begin operating is the law of vibration. Everything in the universe is a massive of energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed. All physical and spiritual things have a vibration frequency, and they vibrate at various rates depending on their size and mass. All thoughts are energy, and they vibrate at a rate of frequency. 

Why Vibration Makes The Law Of Attraction Work

Vibrational frequencies are all combined to one another, like the colours of a rainbow. It’s difficult to identify were one ends and the next begins. Furthermore, there’s an infinite amount of frequencies in the universe, suggesting the possibilities are endless. You attract whatever is on the same frequency. If you desire to attract extra money into your bank account, you must vibrate at that required frequency so it can be attracted. 

However, if you fear and worry about money, then you attract debt and financial difficulties. The law of attraction doesn’t decide whats attracted to you it’s your vibrational energy. Your thoughts are considerably more critical than you could ever believe. Your body and mind vibrate in harmony with your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. 

3 Reason You Know The Law Of Attraction Is Working

1. Your Attracting Ideas, Thoughts And Opportunities To Manifest

When the law of attraction is working for you to create your desires, ideas, thoughts and opportunities are attracted to you. These come in many different forms nut all come from the universe via the law of attraction. The more ideas you create, the better the law of attraction is working. For manifestation to occur, you need to action upon these ideas.

2. Your Excited And Full Of Energy

When your attracting your vibrational frequency is high, resulting in an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Your energy is increased because you have work to complete to make your dream a reality. The law is attracting everything you require to manifest your desire, and increased energy is a great sign. Make sure you use this energy well. 

3. Your Manifestation Is Complete

The ultimate sign the law of attraction has worked is your desire has manifested. It’s the result you were seeking and the reason you took all the action. Once your desire has appeared it time to give thanks to the universe and then set a new target to manifest. Remember the number of things you can manifest is endless.

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Why Thoughts Influence The Law Of Attraction

People with positive mental attitudes that have a belief in their abilities vibrate at high levels of frequency, resulting in them attracting happiness, abundance and prosperity. Others that possess the opposite characteristics rarely attract good into their life.  

If you desire to attract all the great things, its essential your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are in harmony. If you create conflict in your mind, you will never receive what you desire. An individual who desires more money and happiness is obliged to think about positivity and remove all doubt, worry and fear from their minds. When you eliminate the negative and substitute it with positive, your vibrational frequency increases.

Hold the image in your mind of precisely what you desire and eliminate all negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs not in agreement with the request. Bring the image into your mind several times daily and build the picture of receiving. The longer you hold the image, the faster you will impress your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind accepts the idea, it causes your body to shift into the vibration required to attract the desire.   

Picture your garden as a blank but productive place that can grow anything you plant. You can plant anything you desire inside the earth, and if you support the seed, and it grows. If you plant seeds of roses, it will produce the most beautiful roses you could imagine. Alternatively, you could plant seeds of deadly nightshade, that raises, just as abundant. Your garden doesn’t decide what to grow; it can only build the things you plant within it.

Your mind is no different from your garden, and it will produce anything you plant inside it. If you plant money troubles inside your mind, it will grow, and your body insists on vibrating at the rate of frequency corresponding with those thoughts. The outcome, attracting more money troubles, and your vibrational frequency begins to reduce each time you suffer more debt. 

If you desire to attract money, it’s essential you remove all the thoughts, ideas or feelings not matching that vibration and substitute it with positive energy. This is the primary cause of why the law of attraction doesn’t work for so many people. If your thoughts create a low level of vibrational frequency, you must attract low levels of opportunities and wealth.

How To Make The Law Of Attraction Work?             

1. Amplify Your Desire And Expectation

A burning desire to accomplish or possess something is the source of attracting what you want. The expectation of its arrival is necessary, or your desire is simply a wish. Imagine you are fishing and you cast your line out into the lake. Your desire is the fish being hooked onto your line, and the expectation is the action of reeling the fish in. You can’t attract your desires if you don’t expect to achieve it.

The difficulty most individuals have when it comes to the law of attraction is the attract the things they don’t want. Their thoughts are controlled with all the harmful components. The reason, they focus their energy on the negative which transpires into their reality. If you only think about the debt you are in, then the only thing that will attract is more debt. There’s a reason why the wealthiest attract more money, their thoughts are dominated with abundance.  

2. Look For New Opportunities To Grow

When your subconscious mind accepts your request, it moves your body into the new vibration. You will attract opportunities, ideas and thoughts which can guide your desire into existence. The more powerful your attachment to your subconscious mind and the universe, the easier the ideas flow. The plans you receive are endless, but its essential you take action when they appear. Failure to take action hinders the supply and is a form of procrastination or fear.

3. Concentrate Your Attention On Your Desires

The attention you contribute to your desire is in direct alignment with the time it takes to produce. Weak focus provides weak results, and a lack of concentrated effort on one desire confuses the subconscious mind. If you impress your subconscious mind with positivity one day but the next flood it with fear and worry your vibrational frequency never changes. 

A focused mind on a burning desire, combined with the expectation of its arrival is the reason why only 5% of the population is considered successful. Likewise, success is expecting you, once you accepted and transform your thoughts in harmony with your true desires.   

4. Taking Action To Reach Manifestation Success

The most vital component to attracting your desires is taking action. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can make it drink “. If you desire to attract more money, and you expect it to appear, you have performed the first step. The universe intention is to begin attracting opportunities towards you, but if you fail to recognise and then take action, nothing happens. Action taking is the reason why so many people never attract what they desire.

People fear action taking because they have created barriers inside their subconscious mind. The barriers can be considered as habits and habits are responsible for 95% of your actions, thoughts and beliefs. No one can transform their result until they acknowledge action is the key component to success. Ideas, plans and methods swamp the mind which is open to change and willing to take the necessary action. 

5. Keep Your Mind Active And Alert 

When you concentrate your mind toward a specific goal or desire, you start to notice all the things associated with that request. You want more money the universe presents opportunities and attracts suitable people to support you achieve your goal. The more you look, the easier it becomes, and attraction happens fast. The person that is prepared to take risks and immediately acts upon opportunities rarely fails. 

Once you have completed all the steps necessary for the law of attraction to operate, it’s time to convert your thoughts from a wish to an expectation. Your subconscious mind demands a definite plan and a specific point for its achievement. Consider these three factors to attracting more money;

  • A specific amount of money, i.e. $43,500
  • An exact date for when you want to achieve it, i.e. 1st January 
  • What you are willing to give in return for the money, i.e. best possible service as a salesperson. 

6. Be Persistence And Don’t Give Up

The good news is 95% of people give up long before the seed of prosperity has manifested. That suggests if you prepared to advance with your goals and have persistence, you can not fail. One of the many success principles for the wealthy is persistence. The person that never gives up, even when moments get tough is rewarded for their endeavours. 

The desire seldom changes, but the plan to obtain its success might now and again take a different route. If your desire is definite and you mix persistence, the answers and solutions appear. You don’t need to see the whole staircase to know it’s there. You’re required to take each step at a time before you can reach the top. 

How Long Before The Law Of Attraction Will Work?

The last law you need to understand is the law of gestation. The law states everything has an incubation or gestation period. Physical objects such as humans, animals, plants and crops all have a set time inside their DNA which determines the exact time required to grow. If this time isn’t adhered to it fails to grow and the seed will never manifest.

The seeds of thoughts operate under the same law, but we don’t know its required gestational period. Every seed, regardless of physical or spiritual, must operate inside this law. Any seed, once planted, demands care and attention for it to develop into its full-grown state. The farmer understands the law better than most. They plant the grain and tend to the land every day until the harvest arrives. The farmer does not doubt in their mind, the harvest will happen, and they care for the seeds because it produces an abundant harvest. 

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