Step By Step Guide To Apply The Law Of Attraction

Step By Step Guide To Apply The Law Of Attraction

There is significantly more to the law of attraction than merely wishing to receive something you fancy. The universe demands you understand and perform the steps necessary to manifest your true desires to accomplish success. The law must be obeyed and can be likened to the rules nature follows daily. 

The seasons must follow each other in a precise order; for example, spring must follow winter and winter can never follow summer. These laws are set in the programming of the universe and cannot be changed. The law of attraction operates under its rules fixed by the universe and cannot be changed. 

I have studied these laws and packaged together a step by step process necessary to begin attracting your true desire. The guide has enabled me to discover my full potential and attract unimaginable success in my life. It will take time for something to arrive, but once you finally break down the blockage in your subconscious mind, the achievement you could experience is incredible. 

6 steps to applying the law of attraction

Step 1: Increase your vibrational frequency

The primary law that oversees the items you attract is the law of vibration. Everything in the entire universe vibrates because it made up of atoms. Atoms vibrate at inconvenient speeds to which your eyes can’t detect. Your whole body, including your thoughts, vibrates at a frequency which attracts things comparable on that rate. The universe programs the vibrational frequency of everything, but you can modify your frequencies because of the ability to utilise higher facilities. 

The majority of life on earth possesses the same five senses;

  • Smell
  • Sight
  • Taste 
  • Touch
  • Hearing

6 Higher facilities 

What makes us the dominant species and the most magnificent creation is the abilities use six higher facilities;

  1. Reason
  2. Imagination
  3. Memory
  4. Intuition
  5. Perception
  6. Will

Because you have the power to apply these higher facilities, you can transform your vibrational frequency. If you vibrate at a low vibration frequency because your mind is flooded with negativity, you will attract the corresponding things associated with that frequency. The reason why negative individuals continue to attract more negativity is they vibrate at the rate identical to those negative emotions.

It would be best if you increased your vibrational frequency to match the things you desire. Abundant wealth vibrates at a high rate of frequency and poverty at low. If you desire vast fortunes, you must enhance your vibrational frequency. Eventually, you begin vibrating on that frequency equal to the money you desire. Suddenly the universe, through its power of attraction, begins drawing the money towards you.   

Before the law of attraction can produce the things you desire your obligation to the universe is increasing your vibrational frequency. You can attract anything exclusively when you equal the vibrational energy. To help you enhance your frequency, read: The 16 Steps Needed For Putting Law Of Vibration Into Action.

Step 2: Establish a definite major purpose

Laser focus on a definite goal or purpose enabled the law of attraction to work quicker. If you neglect to provide your subconscious mind with an actual purpose, it can’t begin to transform your vibrational frequency to reach the attraction. The dominant cause of failure and why individuals never reach their potential is they constantly switch their vibrational frequency. One day it’s high because they are in a positive mindset full of delight and happiness, but the subsequent day fear, worry and doubts overwhelm them, and they vibrate at a low rate.

Step By Step Guide To Apply The Law Of Attraction

This uncertainty confuses the subconscious mind, and ultimately you never change your frequency. Imagine your at the start line before a marathon. The gun blasts to signal the race has begun. You run ten steps toward, then ten steps back. You continue this motion for hours until you become exhausted and stop. You remain in the same place you began. Without a precise purpose or goal to move towards, you will never accomplish the object of winning. 

A proven method for success

A definite major purpose in which you have faith in its achievement is the proven method to fulfilling your desire. When you impress the goal to strive toward in your subconscious mind, it bounded by the universe to begin moving you in the directions of its achievement. The law is fixed inside the universe and cannot be altered. Likewise, when you go to bed tonight, the day must follow the night, and nothing in the entire universe can prevent it from occurring.    

Step 3: Impress your subconscious mind with auto-suggestion

All suggestion either self or external, has the capability to impress your subconscious mind influencing your results. Your conscious mind is the gatekeeper and is responsible for allowing suggestions to access your subconscious. Once in the subconscious mind, it accepts anything transferred from your conscious mind is true. It can work with or against you and has more control over your behaviour than you might appreciate. 

Step By Step Guide To Apply The Law Of Attraction

If you don’t control the information impressing your subconscious mind, you might be influenced with ideas, opinions and thoughts that concern others and not you. For example, the vast majority of fears and phobias individuals have are the same as their parent, guardians or friends, implying they are transferred to the subconscious mind through auto-suggestion by these influences. 

Selected your own auto-suggestion

Your subconscious mind doesn’t understand the differences between reality or fantasy. It can only accept and believe what your conscious mind delivers. It is a unique opportunity for you to impress what you desire into your subconscious. Practice the power of auto-suggestion and repeatedly propose to your conscious mind the desires you crave. 

Eventually, your subconscious mind is influenced because it doesn’t recognise reality or fantasy; it believes you possess the thing you desire and moves your body into that vibration. Moreover, when you begin vibrating at that new frequency, you attract the objects equal to that rate. The faculty to think and act like you achieved the goal is enough to impress the subconscious mind.   

Create your auto-suggestions

A critical action in the method of auto-suggest is to speak or write in the future. It tricks your subconscious mind toward believing you already have the thing in your possession. I always start my sentence with” I’m so happy and grateful“. There are incredible benefits to gratitude and thanks, which the universe demands before it presents you with abundance. Only suggest things that you want which will improve your outcomes. Lastly, repeat your auto-suggestions day and night until your desire becomes a reality. 

Example of my auto-suggestions

  • I am so happy and grateful I have multiple streams of income, earning me financial security. 
  • I am so happy and grateful I wake up early excited about accomplishing my goals for the day. 
  • I am so happy and grateful I have an infinite amount of ideas to create astonishing content to help others succeed. 
  • I am so happy and grateful I attracted joyful and happy individuals into my life.
  • I am so happy and grateful I have only positivity impress my subconscious mind transforming my life. 

Step 4: Repeating successful habits

Your habits are responsible for 95% of your daily activities, thoughts, beliefs and emotions. These habits are performed unconsciously and repeated in a cycle which you might never break free from. Until you review and acknowledge the habits dominating your life and results, you can never improve your outcomes. Picture a vinyl spinning on a record player. You habits are the numerous grooves on the vinyl, and the needle is you performing them each and every day.

You can’t expect to play a different song if you’re stuck on the same vinyl going round and round. There are 30 reasons for failure and only 13 success habits. You need to eliminate the habits holding you back from victory and replace them with practices proven to work. The 13 principals for success are;

FourSpecialized knowledge
SixOrganised planning
Eight Persistence
NinePower of a mastermind
TenThe master of sex transmutation
Eleven The subconscious mind
Twelve The brain
Thirteen The sixth sense

Master your habits

Make the decision to install these 13 habits into your subconscious mind by repeating them every day until it becomes an unconscious effort. You can only begin to attract your desire once your body and mind are vibrating at the frequencies required to invite prosperity. Installing any new habit is difficult at the beginning, and your mind will become resistance to the change. However, if you keep moving towards your goals, it grows more manageable with every step. 

Groundhog day

Step By Step Guide To Apply The Law Of Attraction

To embed your habits and empower the law of attraction to operate, create a groundhog day. A groundhog day means you perform the same tasks that will lead to your success repeatedly. You continue daily until your goal is achieved. There’s a reason why persistence is a necessary component of success. Far too many people give up on their desires because it’s difficult, or they don’t see progress quickly enough. To help you understand how long it takes read: How Long Does It Take For The Law Of Attraction To Work?

Step 5: Practice exercising your imagination

Your subconscious mind operates similar to a movie screen and produces pictures for your conscious mind to recognise. If you think about your home, the image appears in your mind instantly. Anything you ask your mind, the images emerges. To impress your subconscious mind with your desires, use your imagination to create the picture of the thing you want. If money is your desire picture holding the money or looking at the number displayed on your bank balance. 

Step By Step Guide To Apply The Law Of Attraction

Your subconscious mind believes you have the money because you impress the image onto it. Your subconscious mind doesn’t realise you’re not physically looking at your bank balance; it only acknowledges the image. You are tricking your subconscious into accepting you have the money. If you combine emotion and feeling with your vision, the desire is imprinted deep into your subconscious. The result, your mind enters into the new frequency, and soon the actual money will be attracted into your life.  

When to use your imagination 

Your subconscious mind is significantly influenced the hour before you go to sleep. Before you go to sleep, create the picture of your desire, including all the details you imagined about the object. Connect with the image using emotion that you will have once the attraction is in your possession. Finally, when you have the image and the emotional connection, hold it in your mind for as long as possible. Your subconscious mind accepts this as your reality. Repeat every night until your object is transformed into your reality. 

Step 6: Take action

The goal you desire to attract doesn’t arrive without effort and action. The universe employs the law of attraction, which either move you closer to the goal, or it approaches you. You must drive action upon ideas, thoughts and opportunities when they appear. Images develop in your mind form of an idea or plan. When a strong feeling is attached to the idea its the universe showing you the importance of that concept. 

Step By Step Guide To Apply The Law Of Attraction

Moments to become successful are given to those who possess an open mind and are prepared to take decisive action. The universe wants to expand and is willing to provide you with the answers or solution to make your desire your reality. When thoughts or plans arrive, most people think its a coincidence, but there are no coincidences only opportunities. 

Why people don’t take action

The biggest reason why people never take action is fear. Fear is the explanation of why goals are never obtained. Ideas or opportunities are presented from infinite intelligence into your mind. The vibrational frequency you have fought tirelessly to increasing is now forming ideas, concepts and opportunities to make you succeed. 

Nonetheless, doubt, worry and fear overwhelmed your mind, and you create a vision of all the reasons why you can’t accomplish the goal. The uncertainty and lack of action impact your vibration rate, and it diminishes significantly. You eliminate the stream of positivity and generate negative ideas. Ultimately you return to the point where you first began. The more you repeat the behaviour, the further your faith decrease. When your faith is gone, your desire disappears.

How to take action

When you decide to take action on every idea or opportunity presented from infinite intelligence, your mind starts to transform. If you want to become wealthy, all you need is one concept, and everything could improve. When the idea is received, write it on a note pad or notes section on your mobile phone. Don’t worry about not having the understanding or knowledge to create the plan. 

Knowledge and understanding can be expanded from a multitude of resource. If you have the determination to succeed the answers should arrive. Avoid spending all your time in gaining knowledge and never taking action. The best practice is to expand enough knowledge to begin once you have that the rest will flow. 

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