Subliminals Don’t Work! 8 Common Reason With Fixes

There’s nothing worse or more frustrating than listening to a subliminal playlist for months, if not years and noticing absolutely no results. You can make some simple but powerful adjustments to your subliminal routine to make your subliminals finally work.

But many people repeatedly perform common and foolish mistakes, which ultimately prevents them from experiencing any results. Here are the top 8 common reasons why your subliminals are not working and, most importantly, the recommended remedy to achieve the results you have always expected from subliminal messages.

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1. Too Many Subliminal Playlist

One of the biggest mistakes I notice people making when selecting subliminals is that they listen to many different playlists all at once and expect the subconscious mind to transform. Some people have hundreds of subliminal affirmations within their playlist, making it overwhelming for the subconscious to create the change you desire.

 Ideally, you want to select goals that you strive to achieve and create a playlist surrounding those goals, such as weight loss, money, height growth, or eye colour change. Each one of these goals should have a subliminal playlist with no more than four or five subliminal tracks within each playlist.  

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2. Not Listening For Long Enough

Subliminals work the best when you give your subconscious mind the time to listen and make the change you desire. Repetition of the same affirmations is what makes the subconscious be reprogrammed and make your goals happen. Suppose your subliminal track only lasts for a couple of minutes, and you listen once a day. In that case, it will take you a long time for your subliminal message to actually influence the subconscious mind and achieve the goal you desire.

Listening to subliminals has to become part of your daily routine. You want to listen to a subliminal track for around 30 minutes to 90 minutes every day until you see the transformation. It should take approximately 22 days to see some results from your subliminals, but if you don’t see any results after 22 days, it means you’re not listening for long enough, and your mind is blocking and resisting the change.

Therefore you must increase the amount of time listening to your subliminal playlist and maybe listen multiple times every day. The older you are, the harder it is for your subconscious mind to let go of all the negativity inside your mind. Pay attention to the time you’re spending listening to your subliminal playlists every day.

3. Listening To Fake Subliminals With No Affirmations 

What’s frustrates me as a content creator is the number of fake subliminals that people create, especially on YouTube. YouTube has millions if not billions of different subliminal tracks, but there’s no method of identifying if that subliminal affirmation is actually playing.

People can create and upload a video containing only music or sounds and don’t have any subliminal affirmations within the track. I consider these fake subliminals.

A top tip is always to look at the description box within the YouTube video to ensure a list of affirmations contained within the subliminal track. If there is no list of affirmations, there is a good chance that that subliminal doesn’t include any affirmations whatsoever, and you will not achieve the desire you crave. Here are other things to look out for to avoid fake subliminals.

The only way to avoid fake subliminals is to go to content creators you trust and create your own personalised subliminals tracks. That way, you know that there is definitely affirmations within the track. Check out my subliminal shop where they are genuinely 100% real subliminals I personally create and use.

4. Focused On Physical Subliminals Only

The most challenging types of subliminal transformations are physical changes such as height, eye colour, nose shape and changing face shape. I found that most people have a large amount of these sorts of subliminals. You might not see any results for years because they are the most complicated kinds of subliminals to transform. Here’s why.

My advice is always to have several spiritual and goal-orientated subliminals alongside your physical subliminal playlist. Ideally, you want four or five subliminal playlists and for at least two or three of these playlists to be around spiritual transformations such as positivity, removing negative emotions, attracting money, wealth, happiness, love or relationships or whatever else that you crave. 

The rest of your playlist can be made up of physical alterations such as increasing or decreasing height, changing your eye colour or any other physical attribute you want.

5. Not Listen When You Sleep

The best time to listen to subliminal messages is before and during sleep at night. Your subconscious mind is open and prepared for those subliminal affirmations to transform within your mindset. When you’re awake during the day, your conscious mind can resist and block the affirmations from accessing the subconscious.

The purpose of subliminal messaging is to bypass the conscious reasoning or thinking and insert it immediately into the subconscious mind. That’s why subliminal tracks need to be produced at a frequency that is below conscious awareness. When you’re asleep, your subconscious mind is more acceptable to be reprogrammed. Check out this article that explains everything to do with sleep and subliminal messages.

Furthermore, you want to buy yourself a suitable sleep headband so that you can listen to your subliminal tracks but still be comfortable enough to sleep during the night. My recommendation for a sleep headband is here.

6. Constantly Changing Your Playlist 

Changing your subliminal playlist regularly suggests your not giving your subconscious mind a chance to make the transformation. I would never change my subliminal playlist unless I’ve been listening to that one track for more than 66 days. 

This is the average amount of days it takes a subliminal to transform into the goal. However, if you have physical subliminals, it can take a lot longer, maybe up to a year or more, to see the desired result. Consequently, never replace your subliminal playlist until you have reached a goal or made the transformation you desire. 

If you’ve been listening to the same playlist for more than 66 days, it might be time to think why that subliminal isn’t working and perhaps change the track to personalise subliminal. 

People get subliminal results surprisingly quickly because they are consistent and regular listen to their subliminal tracks every night. It gives a subconscious mind the chance to make the transformation that they desire. Inconsistency is the biggest reason why people fail with subliminals.

7. Not Specific With Your Subliminal Goal

If your subliminal isn’t specific enough, it’s challenging for your subconscious mind to understand the purpose you want to achieve. Listening to subliminal tracks that don’t describe your goal won’t make an impact on your mindset.

It would help if you located subliminal playlists and affirmations that describe precisely what you desire to achieve and how long it’s going to take you to reach that goal. Before choosing your subliminal, make sure that you research what affirmations are included within that subliminal message.

 If you can’t find a subliminal track you desire, you have to create your own subliminal messaging, which will work 10 times quicker than any other subliminal track out there. Need help creating personalised subliminals? Click here.

8. Not Utilising A Subliminal Flush 

Negativity, the wrong beliefs and fear of change are reasons why subconsciously we don’t make the changes that we crave. A subliminal flush is a perfect method to remove and flush out any negativity surrounding the goal. If you don’t use a subliminal flush before starting your subliminal playlist, your subconscious mind places a lot of resistance in front of the subliminal.

Listen to a subliminal flush 3 to 5 minutes before your subliminal playlist begins. This way, you’re flushing out any negativity surrounding that subliminal playlist. Once you’ve flushed your subconscious mind, your subliminal playlist will work a lot better, ultimately making the goal happen faster. Learn how to use subliminal flushes correctly.


Did you know that 8 out of 10 people don’t respond to subliminal messages? It might be because they are too busy, distracted, or just not interested. The first thing I would do if my subliminals were not working for me is taking a closer look at the type of playlist I am using. 

What was once effective may no longer work as well today with so many distractions and competing interests vying for our attention. Your next best bet is to avoid fake subliminals by checking the video’s description before watching it close enough to see what kind of content it contains (some videos use words like “fast results” but their content doesn’t match up). To find authentic and genuine subliminals, don’t forget to check out my Shop.

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