Reality Shifting: The Train Method

What if you could close your eyes, reopen them, and find yourself in a new reality that fulfils all your desires? Believe it or not, you can do this through the process of reality shifting.]

There are a few more steps involved than simply closing and opening your eyes, but shifting is a very powerful and effective way to alter your reality. Shifting is based on the idea of the multiverse. That’s the theory that there are multiple versions of yourself and your reality. The version you experience is based on the choices and actions you make. Make a different choice, and you may experience a new reality.

Shifting is a way to move from your conscious reality, the one you’re currently experiencing, to the desired reality. It takes practice and dedication, but shifting can work if you truly commit to it.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to shift realities is with the train method. I will explain how to perform the train method and what you can do to make it more effective for you.

What is The Train Shifting Method?

The train shifting method is a simple meditation exercise that, when performed correctly, shifts you from your current conscious reality to your desired reality. It can be performed anywhere and doesn’t require anything other than a quiet space and an open mind. Other shifting methods require scripts, but the train does not require any scripting.

It’s best to perform the train method when you’re alone and free from distractions. It’s also helpful to do it at a time of day when you are comfortable, and your mind is sharp, perhaps before you go to sleep at night, because you’re already in a relaxed state, and you are more likely to shift.

Your mind needs to release the exact chemicals in your brain to slow down your thoughts for you to enter into a theta state. Once in the heat, you want to use the steps below to step off the train and into your now DR. Once you are in your desired reality, your mind will drop into the delta, and you will remain in your DR for as long as your mind can hold the delta. Practising the train method is the only way to extend your time in your DR.

How to Shift Reality Using The Train Method?

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to be in control of your own reality. You must be the architect of your life and create the life you want to live. This is not always easy, but with the right tools and techniques, it is possible.

To shift your reality, you first need to identify what it is that you want to change. Do you want more money? A better job? More love in your life? Once you know what you want to change, you can begin the process of shifting your reality. Don’t change your mind halfway through the process. You need to choose one thing and stick with it until you shift into that reality.

If you change your reality every night, your subconscious mind will get confused, and it will become harder for you to focus on the one thing you want. Therefore, I would have one shifting goal, and I wouldn’t change it until you reach that DR or you no longer what that reality.

Step 1: Relax and Calm Your Mind

Before you can start shifting, your mind needs to be open to other realities. That can’t happen if your mind is bogged down with a variety of thoughts and fears. Stress and anxiety are some of the biggest challenges to successful shifting. You need to rid yourself of those burdens before you start the actual process.

A good way to clear your mind is with several minutes of meditation. Sit in a quiet area, close your eyes, and simply focus on your rhythmic breathing. If you become distracted by a thought, simply recenter your mind on your breathing. 

If you’re inexperienced with meditation, you may want to use an app that can guide you through the experience. There are many different options available in most app stores. Similarly, you can use binaural beats to help you reach a meditative state. They will slow your mind down to the frequency you need to be for effective shifting.

Step 2: Rid Yourself of Negative Thoughts

Belief is a critical component in shifting. You must truly believe that the shift is possible and will happen. Negative or limiting beliefs about yourself or the process can hold back your ability to successfully shift. It’s important to rid yourself of negative thoughts before a shift can take place.

There are two effective ways to rid of negative thoughts. One is through the use of affirmations. If you’ve never used affirmations before, they are short positive statements that you repeat out loud or internally to build support for your vision and belief.

For instance, you could repeat affirmations like:

  • I will achieve [desired reality].
  • My new reality will be [desired goal].
  • I will shift to my desired reality of having [success/happiness/health/etc.].

Write short, powerful sentences that support your shift and your desired outcome. Then repeat those affirmations over and over until your mind is focused on those outcomes instead of negative thoughts.

Use Subliminal Messages

A second way to rid yourself of negative thoughts is to use subliminals. These are pre-recorded affirmations designed to unlock your subconscious mind. Simply find the subliminal that best fits your desired reality and listen to the recording on repeat until your mind is free of negative and limiting thoughts.

The reason subliminals work so well is that they bypass your conscious mind and go directly to your subconscious. That’s the level where true belief is formed and where lasting change takes place. The affirmations within the subliminal go directly into your subconscious and begin the process of change.

The best part about listening to subliminals is you can combine them with binaural beats. This will help you reach an even deeper level of relaxation and allow the affirmations to take root more effectively. If your subliminal is time perfectly as you drop into your DR your subliminal should keep you in the new reality for longer. Also, it can help to guide your DR in the direction you imagined.

Step 3: Visualise Yourself on a Train

Finally, close your eyes and visualize yourself on a train. The train is headed to your desired reality. As you ride the train and look out the window, you see yourself achieving your goals and enjoying your new reality. 

As the train travels along the track, you can imagine your life taking the turn you desire. The track is your path to a new reality. Every thought, feeling, and action you take gets you closer to the track. The further along the track you get, the closer you are to making your shift.

Ride the train all the way to your desired reality. See yourself achieving your goals and living the life you want. As you reach your destination, take a deep breath and let yourself experience the shift. As you reach your stop, you stand at the doors of the train to exit. You will see a bright white light. As you step onto the platform of the train station, you will arrive at your desired reality.

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How Long Does it Take for The Train Shifting Method to Work?

On average, it takes around 1 week for the train method to shift your reality. However, if you have used other shifting methods and techniques, it could happen in one night. You typically want to try the train method every night until you reach your desired reality.

It could take multiple sessions for you to fully experience and feel every aspect of your new reality. However, you will experience a new mindset and approach to life immediately. You will make decisions and choices based on your new reality, and you will see the benefits of those altered choices.

When you begin the train method each night, it should take you around 15 minutes to enter your desired reality. This should be the length of your train journey, so don’t rush this part of the process. Allow your subliminals to guide your subconscious mind to your new reality and keep the vision of the reality in your mind.

4 Tips to Make The Train Shifting Method Work Faster

There are a few things you can do to maximize your shifting efforts and get better results from the train approaches:

  • Stay hydrated. When you are dehydrated, you experience fatigue, which strains your mind and your focus. You will be able to concentrate better on your desired reality if you are well hydrated. Drink plenty of water.
  • Practice meditation. You may find it hard to focus if you’ve never meditated before. If you find that the train is not working for you, spend some time simply meditating without the desired outcome. Work on focusing your mind on your breathing and clearing your thoughts. That will improve the effectiveness of the train.
  • Practice affirmations in your daily life. Affirmations aren’t just for when you’re meditating or shifting. It’s easy for negative thoughts to creep into your mind throughout the day. Use affirmations to push those negative thoughts out. The more you practice affirmations, the more rooted they will be in your subconscious mind.
  • Keep your eyes closed through the shift. It’s tempting to open your eyes. However, your mind is persuaded significantly by visual stimuli. Opening your eyes can derail your train! Instead, keep your eyes closed and your mind deeply rooted on the train as you transport yourself to your destination.

Your mind can dictate your reality and your surroundings. It may take some practice, but the train method is an effective way to alter your mind, your approach to life, and your existence. Try it today so you can start experiencing a new reality as soon as possible.

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