Do YouTube Subliminals Work? How To Notice A Fake Subliminal

One of the best platforms to begin listening to subliminals is YouTube. There are millions of different subliminal tracks and playlists that you can choose from. But can we trust them? YouTube doesn’t regulate what standard of information is uploaded to the platform, so can that be a problem?

And are they even authentic, or is there a possibility that fake subliminals can be uploaded to youtube, and we wouldn’t know?

On average, the vast majority of YouTube subliminals work and contain real genuine subliminal affirmations. YouTube subliminal audio must be at a frequency of 17500 Hz below normal hearing to effectively impact the subconscious mind. 

For YouTube subliminals to be genuine, they must include affirmations that describe the goal or transformation that you are seeking. Without this, you won’t benefit from the subliminal track. Furthermore, the affirmation subliminal must be played and recorded at a frequency of 17500 Hz below standard hearing.

The subliminal track needs to be at this frequency because it bypasses the conscious mind, which can put barriers and blockages in the way of the subliminal working. To discover everything you need to know about subliminals and how they actually work read this article.

The affirmations enter the subconscious mind directly and stops your reasoning thinking from blocking the words that will perform the transformation.  

It’s crucial to recognise that frequency is different from volume. If someone has created a subliminal track and turn down the volume to 0 on the affirmation, this subliminal will not work. 

However, suppose the creator has produced the subliminal track at a frequency of 17500 Hz. In that case, your subconscious mind will still hear the affirmation even though you physically can’t hear the words being spoken. From my experience, the vast majority of YouTube creators make outstanding professional subliminal messages. 

Nevertheless, a small number of fake creators make subliminals on YouTube that don’t actually include any subliminal affirmations that will make the change occur within your subconscious mind.

Therefore, if you’re unsure about using YouTube subliminals and how authentic they might be, I can give you some confidence in YouTube subliminals by saying that I utilise them every night.

Although if you are unsure about YouTube subliminals, you can check out my shop for 100% genuine and unique subliminal tracks with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What Are Subliminals YouTube Subliminals?

Typically YouTube subliminals are audio affirmations with some background music or sound. These sometimes can include Binaural Beats within the track. 

YouTube subliminals are designed to reprogram your subconscious mind to;

  • Make a mindset change
  • Improve on a skill
  • Make a physical transformation
  • Create or remove old habits
  • Increase learning

The YouTube library of subliminals has millions upon millions of different tracks and subliminals, making YouTube the ideal place to start if you are new. You can find virtually any type of subliminal to execute any transformation or change.

They are free of charge, indicating you don’t have any risk if that subliminal doesn’t work. Nonetheless, most creators will include paid advertisements at the beginning and end of the track, but this is how they can make revenue without charging the listener.  

YouTube is an excellent place for creators to share their subliminal tracks and build up an audience who trust and utilise their subliminals. After that, those listeners are more likely to purchase subliminal tracks directly from that producer. 

YouTube is the perfect platform for new subliminal creators to get the affirmations and subliminal tracks out to the world. If you want to check out my YouTube Channel, the link is here. And for 9 easy and effectively technique that make your subliminals work faster read this posts.

Are YouTube Subliminals Safe?

There is no scientific evidence that proves YouTube subliminal messages are unsafe. Suggesting, subliminal messages are safe to use as most YouTube creators have honest intentions. 

If YouTube subliminals were actually dangerous and could cause harm to people, YouTube would ban anyone from producing subliminals because it would put the platform at risk of being prosecuted. 

That way, you can take some reassurance that even the worst and fakest subliminals will not cause you any damage or danger to your mind.

Although, there was one subliminal channel that was banned many years ago for playing dark subliminals that was supposedly designed for people to harm themselves.  

However, there was no meaningful evidence to prove that the subliminals made anyone do any of these things. Consequently, this subliminal channel was shut down immediately, and there were no reports of anyone causing harm to themselves.

To find out if subliminals are really safe, check out this blog article that explains everything you need to know about being safe from subliminals

How To Spot Fake YouTube Subliminals?

One of the biggest problems with YouTube is the number of fake subliminals that circulate within the platform. There are simple and obvious things to look out for which will help you avoid the potential of landing on fake subliminals. I share the top four elements that I watch out for before selecting and listening to a YouTube subliminal.

1. Check the YouTube Comments and View Count

The most obvious place to begin is by reading the comments on the video. I read five comments from the top, five from the middle and the same amount from the bottom. 

This way, it gives me a general conception of how people are reacting to that video and if they are getting the results that the subliminal track states. 

Other peoples opinions and reviews are the best indicators to recognise if the subliminal track is real or fake. People are always happy to share when they have received results or benefits from these tracks. 

Hence if you notice a lot of positive comments within the video, then this is a reasonable suggestion it’s a genuine subliminal track.

Additionally, you can look at the view count. 

If the view count is very low and the video was published longer than six or 12 months, it confirms that people aren’t getting the results. 

However, sometimes it takes a long time for YouTube to start promoting those videos, so this isn’t always the best guide to see if a subliminal is fake.

2. Review The affirmation List Within the Description Box

Before listening to the subliminal track, inspect the description box to see if the creator has put a list of the affirmations in the video. If the affirmations are not listed within the description box, I don’t listen to them.

For the reasons of,

  • First, you have no evidence of what affirmations are within that subliminal track. If that subliminal was regarding money and wealth, how would you know that any affirmations describe attracting money and wealth?
  • Next, I want to make certain that the affirmations align with the goals and intentions. If there are affirmations declared, but none of them resembles my goals, then it’s pointless listening to that subliminal track.
  • Lastly, if there are no affirmations within the description at all, there’s a strong possibility that that subliminal track doesn’t have any affirmations. It is likely to be just music or sounds trying to deceive you into believing that subconscious reprogramming is happening.

3. Analyse Their YouTube Channel

When searching for specific subliminals on YouTube, you might come across a particular video that peak’s your interest. 

Before listening to the video, I always verify the creator’s channel to get a real sense of their subliminals and whether they provide additional value in subliminal messaging.

If the creator only has a small library of subliminals published months apart, I would avoid listening to any of those subliminals. 

Ideally, you want to find a channel that has a video posted at least once a week and has a healthy amount of views, comments, and likes within the video. 

Furthermore, if that creator also provides additional value in explanations and knowledge of subliminals, I would consider this creator genuine. 

If a producer is prepared to show their face on video and has a generous amount of information regarding subliminals, I would trust that the subliminals are all real and will work the way you want.

4. Too Many Ads Within The track

Someone placing numerous advertisement breaks throughout the video is one of the most frustrating elements about fake subliminals. 

These creators are trying to maximise ad revenue and don’t care about the subliminals affirmations. They are more than likely just playing music or background noise. 

A genuine subliminal creator will not put ads in the middle of the subliminal tracks. They appreciate the significance of your subconscious mind being concentrated on the subliminal affirmations and not being distracted by any ads that pop up. 

Most creators will put an ad placement at the beginning of the video and sometimes at the end.  

However, find there’s ad placement through the video. This subliminal track just isn’t going to work because every five or six minutes, your subconscious mind has been distracted by a video ad that isn’t related to the reprogramming that should be happening.

How Long Does YouTube Subliminals Take To Work?

For an authentic subliminal message, you should see some results from 22 days up to around 66 days. It also depends on the type of subliminal tracks that you are using. 

If you are focused on mindset transformations, you should definitely see some results within a 7 days to 22 days, but you must use the same track or playlist every night.

However, if your subliminal tracks about physical changes such as height or eye colour, these types of subliminals can take a lot longer and sometimes might never happen. 

The reason, physical subliminals are the most challenging types of subliminals to see results from. They take a long time for the mind and body to connect and make the transformation. 

If you want to know more about how long it takes for physical subliminals to work, check out this article.

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